Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well, I suppose the week could have been better but still it was opening week or New Years Day around here.
Molly and Rocky started the week at the Michigan Grouse Puppy Classic. Right after the breakaway the course turned sharply right but Molly decided she liked the left better. I picked her up about an hour later.It was my own fault as I had not adequately prepared her for her first field trial experience. She's been running great, handling well and finding birds. What I didn't think about is that she had never been exposed to the excitement of scores of dogs on stakeout chains, horses and dozens of people at the breakaway. Next time I'll take her a day early, stake her out and let her get used to it.
Rocky did well. He has beautiful style, high cracklin tail and patterns to the front naturally. He even backed his bracemate who had stopped in a "kennel point" pose. We all chuckled about it but the judges said "Hey-nice back". It was Rocky's first trial too and he was a little to intrigued with his bracemate the first 5-10 minutes and I'm sure thats what kept him out of the winners circle.
Both Molly & Rocky are still months shy of their first birthday and most of the competitors were almost 18 months old. All in all, I was pleased and will get them ready for next falls derby stakes.
Opening day of trout season was April 26th and I've been at LoBanks all week. Wouldn't you know the weather turned cold and rainy. There have been a few afternoon hatches of BWO's and Hendricksons but not alot of rising fish in these conditions. Most of the guys are splashing streamers with moderate success.
Lovells had its traditional "Celebration" and the Museum and Township Hall were filled with hundreds of fisherman. There were talks by regional fish biologists, fly tying and casting demonstrations, a huge kettle of chicken dumpling stew and hot coffee provided by the Lovells Historical Society.
All in All a pretty good week......................................


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Not at all. Thanks for the compliment. Can I add yours as well?

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you may. thanks!