Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Lu's mother, 3xCH Keystone's Red Ryder (Lacey) and half brother, CH.Keystone's Red Rage (Mickey) came to LoBank from Pennsylvania on their way to compete in the Grand National Grouse Championship in Gladwin, MI for a family reunion. Unfortunately, Lu's brother Ted didn't come from California.
Their owner Craig Peters and I spent two days chasing grouse and woodcock and as you can see the dogs relaxed on the sofa and shared puppyhood memories.
Its simply amazing how similar Lacey and her offspring are. Every little idiosynchrocies that I thought made Lu unique turns out to be inherited from her mother. Lu sits on my lap and pushes her nose and forehead against my neck and chin. I'll be darned Lacey does exactly the same thing!. Both are extremely human oriented and seem to understand every word and gesture directed to them. Mickey is the same but not quite as expressive as the girls.
We'll be watching the progress of the trial and keep our fingers crossed that Lacey and Mickey do well.
To learn more about Craig Peters "Keystone Setters" go to http://keystonesetters.blogspot.com/


Mike Spies said...

Dale, Ted wanted to be there, but was otherwise engaged with his pals in Montana.

Best thing might be for Lu, you, Lacey, and Craig to come to hunt Montana next Fall.


Dale Hernden said...

Lu says she's never been to Montana and would like to come out there.

Mike Spies said...

Bring the pointers, too. Now that I have a big running setter, I won't be embarrassed.

Have merry Christmas season.