Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanksgiving brought snow and cold...................way too early. Unless we get an unexpected thaw my grouse hunting is over for the season. Time to build a fire, sit back and savor the memories from 2008.


JC said...

Dale: I stumbled upon your blog tonight looking for a dog trainer for a friend of mine; isn't google great.

With out going into a long story; My first dog, a ghost train lucky pup...Wayne Frutchy. First dog trainer Terry Dupis from Blanchard who was mentored by Jack Stewart. My wife taught first grade in Farwell/not far from Jack's place. I played on a senior hockey team for years with Tom Novak's son Mike.

I am from Midland and now retired in Traverse City (age 63) and had a similar thought about the Dec. Grouse Season. My current setter was started by Bruce Minard who has done quite well the Grouse Trials the past few years.
I have been fly fishing the Ausable and Manistee since the late 60's. It seems our paths have almost crossed a few times. I really enjoy your blog.

John Cleverdon (

Mike Spies said...


Light a fire. Set up the tying bench. Pour a single malt. Tie some flies and wait for a clear cold day to take the dogs for a a run.

Mike and Ted