Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Snow!

The image below is from today's National Weather Service posting of the snow depth in Northern Michigan. Notice the small circle in the left center that indicates 10 inches.............thats Grayling! Even though its been unseasonably warm the last few days we've still got a long way to go. I'm getting really anxious to return to Lobank. The woodcock should be showing up soon and Molly's ready to try out her repaired ACL. So far she's showing no indication of a problem. Lu had her summer haircut last Sunday and she's ready too. Trout season opens the last Saturday of April and I've got a new Helios rod to try out. We spent last week in Siesta Key FL and I tried to bank some "Atta Boy's" with Lizzie for the upcoming season. Hurry Spring!


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Hopefully you got plenty of "attaboys"! When will the woodcock return? Are there tons of ticks? We've got too much sun! I'd love some more snow down here!

Andrew Campbell said...

Dale: sorry Grayling is as I remember it. I'd be going completely nuts if I couldn't have gotten my dogs out by now -- but it's probably a blessing in disguise for Molly.

Must be nice to have those spring birds to train on.


Dale Hernden said...

Shawn: The woodcock are in southern Michigan and will move north as the ground softens and the snow melts. Unlike Wisconsin and MN there are very few ticks if any. Ofcourse all my dogs have their monthy flea and tick treatment too.

Mike Spies said...


We are getting warm days out here in Northern California. Attic fan kicks on every afternoon and lets me know that it (Spring) is here. Our trial season ends soon, and Ted needs his Summer clip job. The weather has me scratching my fly-tying itch.

Have a new cane rod on order, Dale, and may threaten to take you up on your offer to fish the Ausable.