Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ah............Life is good again. After two ACL surgeries in the last year and missing both last fall and this spring's season, I'm feeling like life is good again. My dad took me out early this morning and I found this years first bevy of young grouse. There were 4 or 5 birds about the size of quail. I was so excited I momentarily forgot my manners and didn't wait for dad to release me after he shot the blank gun. After we got home Dad fed me a really good meal and I've been napping in his chair most of the afternoon. is good again. Molly Bette


Andrew Campbell said...

Molly: so nice to see you near your old self again. How do you feel about your new brother? Has dad told you, yet?

all best wishes

Dale Hernden said...

I haven't met him yet. He's at Scott Chaffee's getting ready for the fall grouse championships. But his picture looks like he's pretty darn cute.