Sunday, March 21, 2010


The public simply doesn't understand and just as likely doesn't care. This country is now bankrupt. 1.2 trillion current deficit, 14 trillion total general fund deficit. 42 trillion unfunded liabilities in Social Security, 57 trillion unfunded liabilities in Medicare/Medicaid. Many trillions in liabilities to agencies like Fannie and Freddie, Farm Credit and on and on. California, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and others bleeding red ink yet refusing to cut spending. AND NOW COMES HEALTHCARE! Tax rates of 100% for the next 50 years couldn't come near paying down this debt. Get Angry! Get angry and demand fiscal responsibility. Get angry at politicians who think we're stupid. Get angry at the administration who purposely lies and distorts. Get angry at the political swamp Washington has evolved into. Get angry and change it.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Amen! I'm Angry!

TimSchoenborn said...

I continue to just shake my head as I have for the last 12 months!

Jim Shiflett said...

I keep asking my kids "how do you like that Change stuff now"? They have lined their future with taxation and a lower standard of living and don't even know it.