Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Finally got a week to spend at LoBank. I intended to run and road the dogs, do some spring clean up, yard work and of course fish. So far, nothing but cold and rain. Lizzie came up for Mothers Day and we enjoyed a Bloody Mary bar and breakfast buffet with the Shifflets then went into Gaylord. We bought a new grill and some flowering crab apple trees. I managed to get them planted and hopefully they'll provide some color later this spring and grouse food in the fall. Our nesting season began April 15th. We can't run the dogs in cover so I've just been roading to give them some exercise so they'll relax around the house. Except Daisy....she is never tired! After 45 minutes at 10 miles per hour she was barely panting. She's in incredible shape after spendinng the year with Luke Eisenhart. I'm running her in the last trial of the year next weekend at Highland. She has numerous open placements but needs an amateur to be eligible for amateur championships. Hopefully we 'll get the job done. Scott's running Al and he's ready too. He looks so good! I wish I had some fish pictures to post. We had a few Hendricksons on Monday but not many. Ever since the air and water have been too cold. The guides at the local fly shops are just sitting around waiting as normally the season is in full swing by now. I have a client coming to fish tomorrow but the forecast is 70% chance of thunderstorms. We'll see what the day brings.

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