Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Hot Weekend

It's just too damn hot! Mid 90's again all weekend.
Jim Shifflet and Kit Foster came over today and we cleaned, painted and set out the johnny house. But, it won't do us much good without birds.
Our usual supplier of quail has evidently gone out of business. He's never returned my calls. I contacted Matt Mentz in New York and he has plenty but its too hot to ship them. So I guess we have no choice but to wait until the weather breaks.
Al & Daisy left today for South Dakaota. I hope all the wild birds will do them good and the conditioning get them ready for the fall trials. I sure wish I was going with them!


danontherock said...

you should try Newfoundland there may be one or two days we will hit 60


Craig Peters Warrens, WI 443-206-1091 said...

On the 22nd of July I was driving to Marienville. All through central PA it was 108. New personal all time record temperature observed by me anywhere east of the Mississippi or north of the Carolinas. I don't think it's been below 70 for more than an hour, if at all, any times since the end of June. Can't wait for New Years (1 Oct)!