Saturday, February 2, 2008


Last year for Mothers Day I bought Lizzie waders, a fly rod, private lessons from a master caster (shown above with Lizzie and her new gear) and a guided float trip for two. Boy was she excited... HaHa!
I wonder if this year she'd like a pointer pup or new 28 ga side by side?


Mike Spies said...

Dale, I think that many wives would like to share their husbands interests - maybe not poker and carousing, but fishing has a good deal of appeal.

Does Lizzie shoot?

Anonymous said...

Dad, really cool site and it looks like you're having some fun. I really dig the Anglers of the Au Sable group, what a great cause they are working for. I sure hope they keep the river top notch and pristine. I can't wait to come look for "Charlie" again! Take care and good to see you're not working too hard.