Tuesday, June 24, 2008


What you see above is an IRS pencil sharpener. The picture was sent to me by a CPA friend and I'm sure it traveled thru their professional circles with a hearty laugh. But damn..........its true.
I've just completed gathering all the info necessary to send to my CPA brother to complete my 2007 tax return. He's so busy before April 15th he doesn't even want to hear from me and automatically files an extension.
I've been a conservative Republican my entire adult life but this year I'm seriously considering voting Libertarian. Our system has failed us miserably. Besides Federal, State and Local Income Taxes there's a bankrupt social security system, a bankrupt Medicare system and both federal and state excise and sales taxes on EVERYTHING. Take a look at your phone, cell phone, natural gas and electric bills. Buy gas, cigarettes, booze, beer, wine, food, clothing................the tax list is endless.
I'm tired of hearing McCain and Obama propose new programs.............10 billion for this, 50 billion for that yet we never hear of a program thats usefullness is over and should be eliminated. I'm tired of bridges to nowhere and the proposed funding of a Woodstock museum while our infrasture deteriorates.
40% of all Americans pay no income tax at all and in fact the majority of those qualify for the earned income tax credit and get a "refund" of taxes they didn't even pay. Detroit's school system graduates less than 30% of all high school students yet per pupil funding is historically high.
If Obama is elected in November there will be at least one less taxpayer. I think I'll retire and live off government largesse. But God help our children..................

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Mike Spies said...


Kind of males one wonder what ever happened to 'leadership'. Are the people shaping policy the pollsters? Or am I deluded.

have watched the presidential candidate with the arab name flip and flop on issues of interest, and McCain seems silent.

I do recommend retirement. I don't make much money, but I'm one of those 40%ers who don;t pay taxes.