Monday, June 23, 2008


Forget sex when there's Hex. Thats what the sign says at Gates AuSable Lodge and judging from the license plates from around the country in the parking lot, OB/GYN's can plan on taking next March off. Kiss her good night and hit the river.
Rumor has it that Perk & Dave Perkins of Orvis are here and every lodge and fishing club has their lights on. Its like the Olympics Opening Ceremony and the Super Bowl of fly fishing all wrapped up together.
The Hexegenia Lambata or Hex are here. At size 8, 10 & 12 its the largest of the mayflys in the AuSable system . Don't bother going out until just before dusk, find a log to sit on and wait. At dark the spinner fall will start and the whales begin to feed. Slurp, slurp, SLAM. Hold on for dear life as that 18-20 inch brown will give you all the excitement your 5 wt rod and heart can handle.
Hex are late this year. Its been cool and lots of rain. The South Branch is still running at 600-700 cfs when it ought to be 400 cfs. Wading is risky if you don't know where your at. The Main Stream is better but still not as clear as usual.
The North Branch doesn't get the Hex that the other two branches enjoy. Its shallower, mostly all gravel and for the most part doesn't have the sand and muck bottom the Hex thrive in. Here we have Brown Drakes size 12 & 14.

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