Monday, July 21, 2008


In their blog UPLAND EQUATION, ( Walter Bruning and Shawn Wayment DVM posted a picture thats captioned "Never pamper your bird dog".
OOPS! I guess I've been doing it all wrong.
While I'm at work, Molly enjoys the pool and laying in the sun. What a life.


benedict1 said...

Well, well. An extremely pampered bird dog. Of course, you must be punished now. When you come home I hope "Molly" jumps up and licks your face a couple of times. Serve you right!

What a wonderful blog you have. Glad you found us. Shawn is the guiding hand, I am just a guest at The Upland Equations. Check out his own personal preserve here:


Dale Hernden said...

Thank You for your kind words. I've been reading Shawns blog for quite a while and in fact we are going to meet in early August. I'm going to Denver to see my son and fish with him in West Yellowstone. Shawn and I are going to have dinner the night before I head back. Wish I could meet you too.