Sunday, August 17, 2008


August in Lovells brings heat, humidity and mosquitoes so big if two of them got together they could carry you away. So in the cool early morning we road for excerise and conditioning. I bought the roading rig from Lion Country Supply and bolted the receiver to the bumper of the Lobank pickup. Simply insert the arm with the drop chain into the receiver with a pin and away we go. The rig is designed for a 4-wheeler but necessity is the mother of invention. Molly loves to pull but as you can see LU prefers to drive. In the afternoon both dogs love the river and never get tired of retreiving a ball. Hopefully by mid-September when the season opens they'll be in shape to hunt the cool mornings. In October after a frost and the ferns are down they'll go all day or at least longer than I can.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

How are the tricos? Fall is just around the snowed in the high country this weekend! I can't wait for the first of September!

Andrew Campbell said...

Damn. I've been looking all over for those pedal extensions... I'm hoping one of the dogs can drive me home this season.

Better make sure LU doesn't trick you into that roading harness!