Friday, September 4, 2009


Its Labor Day weekend and grouse season is almost here. We've had cool weather the last week with lows in the mid-30's and daytime highs in the low 70's. We even had some light frost in places. As you can see the leaves are just starting to turn. The season opens September 15th and that happens to be my birthday. My son David and his girlfriend Grace are coming from Denver to help me celebrate. Likely I won't get out while they're here but thats OK. I'm a lucky guy to have been born on opening day and a wonderful family to help me celebrate the new season.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

What do you mean it's almost grouse is here! Except I'm on call this weekend! Bummer! Have a great birthday on the 15th!

Andrew Campbell said...

I have no polite words for either of you! Down here, it's October 1st. Would love to be getting dogs on some wild birds this month not next!

all best