Sunday, September 6, 2009

'THE FISH WHACKER" and Ass't Dog Trainer

Every summer Jill Moore, Lizzie's childhood friend brings her two boys to LoBank. This year Grant, the oldest went to a baseball tournament with his grandparents but my 11 year old buddy Max wanted to come here to fish and hunt. Max is my kind of guy. Jill tells us that he gets up early before school to watch hunting and fishing shows on television! I call Max "The Fish Whacker" because at first he put the fly line down so hard (and so often) I told him it looked like he was trying to whack the fish over the head. He's become a good flycaster though and today caught two brook trout right out in front. This morning I got Max up early to go run the dogs with me. First we ran both Lu and Molly Bette on woodcock and then went to the training field to work on liberated quail. Max had never seen a quail but soon was flushing them and firing the 22 blank gun like an old pro! Max is the next best thing to a grandson and I hope to have a future hunting buddy as soon as he's old enough to take his hunter safety class. Who knows, maybe he'll be a field trialer as well.


Jim Shiflett said...

good man! Taking a youngster to the field is wonderful

Andrew M. Wayment said...

Max sounds like a fun companion in the field. Pretty soon he'll be wackin' and stackin' 'em.