Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lu wants a new hunting partner who can shoot! Today was the absolute perfect day. It was overcast, 50 degrees, no wind and the leaves are down. Even the birds cooperated. In less than an hour Lu had two perfect finds on woodcock and one find on two grouse. You guessed it, I missed them all!

In the picture below, Lu slammed into point and as I approached her I was certain it must be a woodcock. I took the time to snap the picture, closed my side by side and walked in. To my surprise two grouse boiled out and gave me a clear shot. You guessed it, I picked the bird going away and slightly left and missed it with both barrels. Lu gave me that look that said you dummy, what more do I have to do?

Click to enlarge Oh well, it was a great day and I'll try to do better tomorrow. Hopefully she'll give me another chance.


Andrew Campbell said...

That's why they call it 'hunting,' Dale! If it was easy, every clown would do it. Glad you're at least getting Lu into covers that she can find birds in.

Off to VA on Friday for 8 days of horses and red-dogs!


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

We've all experienced days like that! I think that's what keeps us going! Love it! Just ask my brother Andy! At least in Kansas the terrain is wide open! Lu did well!