Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day

Lizzie's working so I'm at Lo-Bank with the whole "family". Kit Foster came over Friday night, brought a wonderful filet of salmon and the fixings for a martini. We grilled steaks and enjoyed a VCR tape of old "American Sportsman" segments with Curt Gowdy. My all time favorite was quail hunting at Sedgefields Plantation with NC Wrapup. Curt hunted with football coach Bear Bryant of Alabama. Billy Morton handled the dog and Jimmy Hinton rode along. Everyone looked so young but then again it was at least 30 years ago. Saturday morning Kit went to the work detail at Gladwin and I went to the annual meeting of the North Branch Foundation. When Kit got back we worked his young setter Waylon on some planted birds. Kit's trying to steady him up so he can get in front of him to flush. Waylon is an exciting young dog, beautiful on the ground and on point. He's barely a year old and will be a good one! We were invited to dinner at Jim & Sue Shifflet's. They made shish-ka-bobs, I took acorn squash and Kit made a wheat, cheese and tomato salad that I simply can't remember the name of! Two couples joined us and the eight of us had a grand evening. Sue is always so kind to remember me when Lizzie's not here. This morning I scouted out some of my favorite coverts. Grouse season opens September 15th and I'm anxious. Both Lu and Bette had nice finds but there doesn't seem to be as many birds as usual. We've had really strange weather all summer and I hope it didn't affect the hatch significantly. It always seems so quiet and lonely here without Lizzie. Yes, I can run the dogs, fish and relax but its just not the same without her.

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Andrew Campbell said...


Would love to see that video sometime. If I ever make it to AL, my own personal dream would be to watch Colvin Davis handle White Powder Pete down at their place. Might be a little like using a Formula 1 to get the groceries, but it would be a heck of thing to see them both in action, too.

Have a great Labor Day!