Saturday, June 2, 2012


It's always difficult to say goodbye to a pet but sometimes you just have no choice.  The most you can do is try your best to make sure he goes to a loving home.

I believe I've done that in selling AL to Jerry Havel of Grand Rapids, MN and owner of the Pineridge Grouse Camp. Jerry seemed like a wonderful guy who would give Al a loving home and the opportunity to hunt nearly every day of the season.

Jerry sent me a text after we parted showing Al curled up on the front seat of his truck and saying that Al had adjusted immediately.

Jerry also invited me to come to his camp to hunt this fall so I won't say gooddbye Al, I'll say until we meet again.  


Mike Spies said...

Dale -- I think you did right by your dog. I am sure that he will be happy in the grouse woods every day in season.

Andrew Campbell said...

What Mike said. In the scheme of things, I'm pretty sure Al is pretty happy about all this too.